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About AEIP

AEIP, the European Association of Paritarian Institutions, represents the social protection institutions jointly managed by social partners (paritarian institutions) and aims to promote the paritarian management of social protection at the EU-level. This has been its key objective since its founding in 1996.


The values supported by AEIP are based on a balanced representation of employers and employees which is a typical feature of joint management (as well as social policy emanating from collective bargaining), solidarity and transparency; this approach is complementary to that applied within the social economy.


Ultimately, its aim is the recognition of the status of the European Paritarian Institution of Social Protection as a structure enabling joint negotiations and joint management of cross-border collective agreements on pensions, health and providence schemes.


Currently, AEIP is working on several political dossiers:


  • Pensions;
  • Health and Care;
  • Other Social Benefits;
  • Solidarity;
  • Mobility;
  • Social Dialogue;
  • European Paritarian Institution.


AEIP also promotes studies and dissemination of paritarism in the field of social protection through conferences, seminars and publications and representation at EU-level through close contacts and cooperation with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee.


AEIP has 25 members and 29 affiliates in 19 European countries with partnerships in the USA and Canada.

For the statutes of AEIP (currently only available in French) please click here.  List of AEIP Board Members, please click here.